What is ICARUS?

ICARUS is a modern and new software solution for safety and quality management system (SMS-QMS)
that is based on web and mobile applications that is compliant with the latest regulatory requirements such as ICAO Safety Management Manuals.

The solution is compatible with following air operators:
• Airlines
• Airports
• Air traffic management providers
• Business Aviation
• Helicopter Operators
• Flight schools


Icarus SMS QMS consists of two parts of the solution:

Web application is the core part of the system with mobile application providing additional dimension to your safety and quality management.
Our main goal is to improve your safety and quality processes in the most effective way.


Our solution is modular so you can choose which modules you require for your operations.

Here are some of the highlighted modules:


Reporting module

This specialized module have all your reporting needs covered. We import your report forms and adjust our software.


Risk Management module

In this complex module you receive full control of your risk analysis, CAPs, root cause analysis etc.


Documentation module

Documentation inside the company synchronized in one place with a lot of features for your documents.


Quality management module

In this module you can perform all your audits and inspections as well as control your checklists (IOSA, ISAGO, etc.).


Advanced analysis

Our clients receive personalized data analysis in this module to determine their own KPIs.


Training module

Control all your training and certificate expirations in one place.

...and many more modules depending on the type of the operator (airlines, airports, etc.)

Questions & Answers

Is there a demo for the software?

If you are interested to see the software we can provide to you online demonstration of our software. To arrange the demo, you have contact us on our email: info@inxelo.aero and send to us information about yourself.

Can I have the software in other language than English?

During the implementation phrase you can decide which languages will be available for your users. Our solution is supported for any language, as well for RTL languages. Any modification for words we would consult with you.

Do you offer on-premise installation of the software?

Of course, our customers can decide whether they want to have their data hosted on our Cloud servers or on-premise. If the latter is selected, the customer needs to provide all technical support and infrastructure in order for ICARUS to take off.

How is data secured?

Our data is secured in Cloud servers that are phyisically protected in European Union and have all the neccessary certificates. Additionally, we backup the data for our customers so they can have their copy of the data.

How do I submit confidential reports?

Normally through the reporting module. Your confidential reports are anonymous and the system does not track the reporter personal info data.

Ok, I want to take the software, what next?

After the initial assessment of your business processes and procedures inside the company we will perform the modifications and provide to you all support and links to the system during the implementation phase.


If you are interested in our service feel free to contact us via our email.

EMAIL: info@inxelo.aero

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