Frequently asked questions in regards to ICARUS software.


Our data is secured on ICARUS servers using firewalls and modern security protocols to deter external threats.

Yes, the information sent and received is encrypted and can be read only on client device.

Our application is run and stored on Cloud servers that are phyisically protected in European Union and have all the neccessary certificates.


Yes, we arrange with our customers the backup procedure during the implementation phase.

The backup frequency is arranged with the customer during the implementation phase and can vary from every day to every month.

Administrators will have special access to Backup portal inside ICARUS to retrieve any backup performed by the system.


The pricing model is defined on subscriptions, the customer can pay on monthly or annual basis. The pricing is customized for each user and its requirements.

Feel free to contact us at info@inxelo.aero or schedule an online demo presentation where we can find out more about your company and customize our Proposal.


First, we organize a demo presentation to discuss with you about your company and requirements. After that we will send you a customized Proposal. On your Proposal acceptance we will send you a contract agreement.

Implementation phase is approximately 2 months from the moment the contract is signed.


Implementation phase is performed by phases. Overall there are five phases and each phase we will coordinate with you and organize video sessions to train your administrators.

Yes it is possible. If your previous software provider provides export of the data, our team will import and map all data inside ICARUS database. This process usually lasts around 10 days, albeit subject to change due to quality of exported data.