Quality Management module



Aviation Compliance Management (Quality Management) is defined as a formalized system that documents processes, procedures, and responsibilities for achieving quality policies and objectives. ICARUS Compliance Management module is an oversight module that is adjusted to aviation standards and regulations. The module is one of the key modules of ICARUS system and provides an easy to follow workflow to auditors, auditees and inspectors.


Inside ICARUS platform, compliance or quality department can track findings as it provides the one-to-all database that is connected with Safety Management System. This seemless connection provides the real value for the customer in it's data. The modules also provides:

  • Auditor and auditees communication channel
  • One place for findings/corrective actions
  • Change logs
  • Tracking service providers
  • Checklist updates such as IOSA Checklist ISM Ed 13 and future releases
IOSA checklist image


Audit planning

Schedule and perform your internal, external or third party audits.


Easy to perform inspections inside compliance management module.

Finding Database

Follow up on your findings and monitor the progress of your compliance.

Checklists import

Automatically import new checklists into ICARUS from IOSA, ISSA, ISAGO etc.

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