Data Analysis Module

Data Analysis Module

One of the crucial pieces of puzzle of Safety Management System is visualization and analytics of the data that is stored in SMS and QMS system. ICARUS software empowers our customers to create modern, user-friendly and insightful statistics and analysis tools to capture the real image of safety inside the company. The smart usage of analytics can provide predictive tools for air operators to anticipate the deficiencies inside the company.

ICARUS system is constantly evolving with its focus on data analytics module. It's strength is how to represent the data to our loyal customers. Inside the system, administrators are able to perform various customized statistics including:

• SPI or Safety Performance Indicators
• KPI or Key Performance Indicators
• Customized graphs for statistics
• Historical representation of data
• Usage of the system

Implementation time

2 weeks



Key Features

Customize graphs

Ability to create a set of customized graphs according to customer's requirements.

Alert notifications

Setting thresholds in live safety data.


Create statistical reports and export the data from your graphs