Emergency Response Plan Module

Emergency Response Plan Module

Emergency Response Plan (ERP) is a necessary tool for all aviation operators in case of a public health emergency. ICARUS software helps its customer to organise and prepare their own ERP plans.

ERP module enables customers to create ERP Manual as well as associate responsible teams in case of an emergency. Furthermore, it allows the customers to track all events and corrective actions in an emergency while establishing procedures and protocols for such event. Additionally, the system is able to notify all personnel in case of an emergency. Our customers have ability to create their own courses, training records and certificates. Trainings can be initial or recurrent and participants are notified for each training and certification expiration.

Implementation time

2 weeks


ERP team

Key Features

ERP Teams

Create teams or user groups and associate responsibilities to each team member.

Contingency plan

Develop procedures and scenarios for each emergency case.


Send immediate alerts (email, text message, notifications) to emergency response team inside the organization.