ICARUS is a modern and user-friendly software solution for managing aviation Safety and Compliance Management System.
The software is suitable for:
• Airlines
• Airports
• MRO (Part-145)
• Flight academies
• Business operators
• Drone operators
• Others that require SMS





ICARUS is very easy to implement in short period of time and its capable to integrate with other solutions.


Customization is one of our most prominent benefits enabling us to adopt to the customer's procedures and processes and not vice-verce.

Innovative technology

Safety and Compliance developed using modern technologies making our product flexible and user-friendly.


Reporting Module

Full system with customized report forms in order to implement reporting system.

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Risk Management Module

Core module for assessing all hazards and findings in one unique database.

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Compliance Management Module

Simplified auditing and inspections for your Compliance.

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Documentation Module

Documentation library for your Safety and Compliance department.

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Data Analysis Module

Statistics and KPIs integrated for Safety and Compliance.

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Training Module

Comprehensive training management module including courses, exams, certificates etc.

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Promotion Module

One of the ICAO Safety pillars enabling safety promotion inside the company.

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Strategy Module

Anohter ICAO Safety pillar covering policies, objectives and organizational charts.

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Mobile apps Module

Native mobile apps for Android and iOS for Safety and Compliance.

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ERP Module

Emergency response plan module for emergency cases.

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Tasks Module

Distribution of tasks and corrective actions to employees.

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Bio-safety Module

Health management module covering COVID-19 virus monitoring.

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Angelos Kyriafinis
Compliance Monitoring & Safety Manager

— We have shared a great working relationship with ICARUS of INXELO by implementing their QMS & SMS software. This comprehensive application provides FLYGR8 operational efficiencies and benefits, allowing our people to focus on quality and safety. ICARUS software provides outstanding Safety Management features, including occurrence reporting, risk management, safety assurance, and safety promotion. In addition, a well-structured compliance monitoring module provides automation of auditing processes. INXELO team is always available to support and improve their product, while it is widely willing to incorporate new features and improvements upon customer request.

Albina Tagiyeva
Quality Department Director

— If you are searching for complete solution for effective data collection and analyzing within your Quality and Safety Management System, ICARUS platform might be your best assisting instrument. Solution is contemplated as very flexible and customer-demand oriented software. Its major advantage, from my personal point of view, is based on irresistible dedication of its developers to constant renovation and industry best practices compliance.



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